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New Undertale a Tale of Three Angels: Chapter 15
Chapter Fifteen:  The Whole Truth. 
Asriel Dreemerr  
     Frisk was telling everyone the truth about Asriel, but with his blessing:  how he had been reborn into an unfeeling, soulless flower named Flowey, how he had been able to reset timelines, and how she had gone into the underground and stolen that power.  She told them about all of the good things he had done, as well as all of the bad things.  Asriel couldn’t look anyone in the eye as the story went on.  He could feel the tension in the air; San’s eyes glaring at him.  He didn’t blame him … after all, he was a twisted freak who had hurt a lot of people when he was Flowey.  
    “Frisk, you can stop … I don’t need to hear anymore,” Papyrus said slowly, stepping in front of Asriel.  He couldn’t bear to look him in the eye:  out of all of his victims, he had hurt the skeleton the most.  “I
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NEW Undertale a Tale of Three Angels: Chapter 14
Chapter Fourteen: “Singing In the Rain”
Adin Mc Cloud
     Squall Void, and Chara, the Goddess of Negative Emotion, stared at each other with pure hate.  They had warred in the run down warehouse district, and now the whole place was trashed and torn apart … looking much like the background in a Godzilla movie.  Squall’s raptor battle suit was battered, and his right arm had been ripped off.  Chara now held it in her claws, slowly tearing it apart.  Her eyes shone blood red with murderous intent.  The tar-like rain started to fall heavier.  
     Squall had been sure he would feel horrified if he had his soul with him.  That was the point to Chara’s power, and the only reason he stood a small chance--she fed off of the negative emotions of those around her.  Fighting her with any bad feelings inside would give her the edge, and he n
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Monster Chara by DragonBlitzStudios Monster Chara :icondragonblitzstudios:DragonBlitzStudios 39 4
NEW Undertale A Tale of Three Angels: chapter 13
Chapter Thirteen:  “A Pastor’s Demons”
Adin McCloud
   Adin McCloud bit his lip and clenched his robot fist as he watched Squall roll away in his robot battle suit.  Chara, his childhood friend, and now a demon-- flew close behind Squall, while throwing black lightning bolts at him as she gave chase.  He felt so helpless.  He could do nothing because he was just a weak human … he couldn’t protect his church the day the Knights of Cain attacked … he couldn’t save his dear sister from a painful death at the hands of heart cancer.  And now, he was faced with his first regret in life -- doing nothing about Chara being abused by her drunken family.  Adin had always told himself that he was too young to stop it, but deep down he knew better.  He could have tried to tell someone … he could have tried to save her.
   At the time, Adin was only five and Chara four.  They had lived next do
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Undertale A Tale of Three Angels, 15 NOT CANON
Chapter Fifteen: “Truth”
    “You kids don’t know when to give up!” Chara yelled as she backhanded the yellow child, who was about to shoot her gun at point blank range.  The other six readied their weapons and closed in on her.  Adin just stood there watching the fight with a brokenhearted look on his face.  Squall was keeping his distance while firing ranged weapons.  His robot-raptor battle suit looked ragged and damaged as it spat steam from its body.  Chara’s body was beaten and battered as well.
     “You have taken everything away from me twice!  I LOVED YOU AND YOU KILLED ME WITH THAT LOVE!” Squall yelled coldly, like a robot without feeling.  He pressed the right trigger on his video game like controller that he used to pilot the robot raptor.  Rockets fired from its tail and shot right at Chara.  She tried to dodge, but all
:icondragonblitzstudios:DragonBlitzStudios 17 4


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Hey, guys.

There is something I need people to understand. I am just one person and I have really bad health.  I hire out work to freelancers WHEN they have time. I am not a big company with lots of cash so I have to build up things slowly. So right now making comics is something I can't do at all.  So I plan on making novels out of my ideas and maybe later down the road I’ll make comics out of them.  By writing out my stories as books I can get things done faster and have more control.  

Right now my health has to take place over everything else. I know I bring up my health a lot but it is paralyzingly bad right now, has been for a while. That’s why I haven’t updated anything for a time.  I live in MS was the healthcare really sucks and I have been fighting with heartless doctors (who have no business being a doctor in the first place.) to try and get a better life but it’s taken a while. I don’t want to go into all the details but my health is so bad I just can't do anything big right now.  

For fans of my undertale story, I just got burnt out on that fan-fic. You have my word I will finish it I just need a break from it.

As for my “Son of the Thunder God” story. That takes A LOT of research that I just can't do right now. I have been working a small project in my free time when I’m not throwing up my guts out. I plan on putting that out when I can to have something for you guys.
    I have been asked a few times on how to be a better writer.  I'll think I'll post my answers here.

    I will give you a list of sites and books that helped me learn how to write comics. What I did was took everything I found and threw it against the wall and mixed it together to make my own style. This may work for you, may not. Every writer is not the same. Also the more you read the better you can write, so read everything you can get your hands on to learn. Knowledge is key to anything you do.  

    Books: "The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics" by Dannis O'neal. I learned ALOT from this one. Good old Danny here has years of skill in his key broad. He is like a DC Stan Lee.

    Stan Lee also has a good book called, "Stan Lee's How to Write Comics"

   helpful web sites

   This place has a lot of good advice on writing comics, as far as plot goes.

   This site is going to tell you about how to write scripts like key words and such. really helpful.…

   if you don't know how to write sound effects this place is really good.…

   Here is the site of sonic comic writer, Ian Flynn . He has samples of his comic scripts on his page look for Manuscript Sample on the page the link sends you. A lot of comic writers have their own sites. Try to look up the writers you like and see if they have advice up on their sites.

  The Dream Keepers comic team has a few post about writing advice up on their These guys really know how to write.………

I hope that helps you out.


DragonBlitzStudios's Profile Picture
Adam"Blitz" Hasty
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
Hello All,
This is Adam “Blitz” Hasty, Founder and Creative Director of Dragon Blitz Studios. I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself. In one word I am a “GEEK” and proud of it. I love super heroes, comics, manga, anime, mythology, video games, books, martial arts and Kaijus (GODZILLA!!!) I love Japan-- I’m crazy about that place. I’ve never been, but I dream of going there one day.

I also have Bipolar Disorder. I received this diagnosis at age 19. No, I’m not crazy; just “slightly” challenged. You may not see it on the outside, but I’m no different than the physically disabled person you may pass by in a wheelchair.

My old dream was to become a comic/manga artist and make comics of my own, but my Mental Illness and other health issues has continued to get in my way. So, I came up with another solution to live out my dream of making comics by founding Dragon Blitz Studios. I will live my dream through others, and I will direct the projects that you will see in the future. My favorite quote, “Dare to Keep All Your Dreams Alive,” comes from the song “DARE” from the first Transformers movie of 1986. I am all about dreams and I will fight for mine, because what is life without a dream? Nothing but a big waste of time.

Now, my dream is to become a great story teller like my idols Stan Lee, Hayao Miyazaki, Robert Kirkman, Rick Riordan, Steven Butler, Dennis O'neil, Neil Gaiman, and Nobuhiro Watsuki. I want to tell stories that move people; stories that will help people understand one another; and stories that make people see past things like hating someone because they are different. Bruce Lee said it best, “Under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family.”

Dragon Blitz Studios first comic, "Son of the Thunder God," is being created to help people to gain a better understanding of Mental Disorders...To say I’m no different than you... To say I’m not a monster; I’m a person and should be treated as such.


Official Web Comic Site:

Son of the Thunder God--- dragonblitzstudios.deviantart.…

Dagon Blitz Studio's facebook--…

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconstop1plz:

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

All original characters, comics, written literature, and other pictures posted are © Adam Hasty and Dragon Blitz Studios. TM and Copyright 2013. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Anyone who steals my work will be taken into legal action of infringement and the infringer will pay a fine for any damages

All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my FULL written permission.
All characters belong to me unless stated. In the case of fan works everything coming from the original game/comic/show/book is © to their owners.

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I hope you and your artists keep up the great work! :la:
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