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Nick Daichi by DragonBlitzStudios
Nick Daichi
I got my good friend :iconkikiflamer: to help me out with designing the characters. 

Nick Daichi is ©  to Adam "Blitz" Hasty and Dragon Blitz Studios.  

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconstop1plz:
Chapter Fourteen:  “Edema Ruh”

Asriel Dreemerr  

    Frisk was telling everyone the truth about Asriel, with his blessing:  how he had been reborn into an unfeeling, soulless flower named Flowey, how he had been able to reset timelines, and how she had gone into the underground and stolen that power.  She told them about all of the good things he had done and … all of the bad things as well.  Asriel couldn’t look anyone in the eye as the story went on.  He could feel the tension in the air; San’s eyes glaring at him.  He didn’t blame him … after all, he was a twisted freak who had hurt a lot of people, when he was Flowey.  

    “Frisk, you can stop … I don’t need to hear anymore,” Papyrus said slowly and stepped in front of Asriel.  He couldn’t bear to look him in the eye:  out of all of his victims, he had hurt the skeleton the most.  “I don’t remember all of the things you did, and if you could reset times lines, most likely, I never will.  I do remember some things about Flowey.  From what I now know, he was a really bad person …  BUT, I also remember the friend I made in the dream realm.  That weed and you are not the same person.  You are Asriel Dreemerr, my friend, and whatever you have done, I forgive you.”

    Asriel Dreemerr looked up at Papyrus in shock, not knowing what to think.  This was the last thing he had expected.  He had been sure everyone would turn their backs on him, and he was sure Sans was going to beat the crap out of him.  Now that he was looking up, he could see Sans’ face; and he was far from happy.  His mom and dad looked pale and were on the verge of breaking down.  Cassiel Sans looked at him in pity, as if she was saying, “you poor thing.”  Papyrus just smiled like he was glad to see an old friend.

    Sans stepped forward.  He was about to make an angry response, but was stopped by the sudden turning of the sky into a blood-red color.  Black lightning cracked the sky, as bone-chilling howls pierced through the air.  Everyone looked toward the sky, their blood running cold from fear.  Next, black clouds with blood-red eyes quickly fogged up the streets.  Then, the clouds that were taking the forms of huge black wolves, slowly surrounded them.  

    “Ahh, damn it!  I was sure Chara would be here with them,” a wolf said in a deep voice.

    “Eddy, you fool!  We don’t have much time in the Land of the Living!  When the Dark Lord finds out that we couldn’t find her again, He’ll END us!” said the other wolf in a high voice.

    “Well, do you have any bright ideas, Joe!?  I don’t see you coming up with anything better,” Eddy shot back.  The wolf pack growled at each other.  They were about to start fighting amongst themselves when black-tarish rain began to fall.  Everyone stared up at the sky.

    “Not much time left now!” Joe snarled.

    “Ok, we are looking for Chara!  Tell us where she is, and we won’t kill you!”  Eddy yelled at the group.

    “We don’t know where she is, and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you,” Torial said calmly, without fear.

    The wolf known as Eddy looked her in the eyes.  The two stared at each other for some time before the wolf broke his gaze.

    “Maybe we should leave … the goat lady is scary …” Eddy said softly.

    “No … if we leave them, they will just try and help Chara.  She has to die … they all have to, or it will be us who pays,” Joe said coldly.  “Kill them …” he ordered the rest of the pack.  With blood thirsty eyes, the other black wolves slowly inched toward them.  The group stood ready to fight … if they were going to die today, they would take some of the dark wolves with them.  All of a sudden, a bright light illuminated the sky, tearing through the black clouds and tar-like rain.  The wolves didn’t dare go near the blinding light.  Astonishingly, a person no one thought they would ever see again, appeared before them … Persephone McCloud.  She floated down from the light with glowing angel wings of light connected to her back.  

    “It can’t be!” Cassiel said in shock, as she held a hand over her mouth.

    “How is this possible?!” Sans said in a mix of unbelief and awe.

    “My dear, sweet child!” Torial exclaimed, tears running down her face.

    “Persephone McCloud …” Asriel Dreemerr exclaimed in shock.

     Then and there, Asriel and Cassiel grew angel wings of light similar to Persephone’s also their eyes turned into pure white light.  The two appeared to be in a trance, as they held hands with her and started singing.  Everyone, both enemy and friend alike, was blown away by the holy light radiating from the three of them.

             “One by one we light the candles of this show,
              One by one enter the theatre of the primal birth,
              Silently watch the planetary curtain go down,
              Laugh and rejoice, as the powerful play greets you tonight.”

    The black fog wolves’ hearts, which were now dark black, began cracking open; white light shown from inside.

             “We are the Edema Ruh,
              We know the songs the sirens sang,
              See us dream every tale true,
              The verse we leave with you will take you home.”

    The wolves’ bodies were now turning into a light gray.  Their red eyes gradually turned light gold.  

            “We'll give you a key to open all of the gates,
             We'll show you a sea of starlight to drown all your cares,
             Mirror houses, the sweetest kisses and wines,
             A Debussy dialogue between wind and the roaring sea.”

    The black fog lifted.  The tar-rain stopped and was replaced by a bright, starlit sky with a full moon that was shining as bright as the sun.

            “We are the Edema Ruh,
             We know the songs the sirens sang,
             See us dream every tale true,
             The verse we leave with you will take you home.”

    The wolves’ coloring was now pure white, and their golden eyes were shining like stars.  Their once black hearts were now a rainbow of colors.  

            “Dance to the whistle, to the play, to the story,
             To infinite encores,
             Laugh at the royalty with sad crowns,
             And repeat the chorus once more.”

    The wolves now sang along in a chilling, beautiful chorus.

            “We are the Edema Ruh,
             We know the songs the sirens san,
             See us dream every tale true,
             The verse we leave with you will take you home.”

     Alas, the three floated downward.  As they were nearing the ground, Asriel and Cassiel’s wings faded away.  The two were kind of freaked out, but didn’t say anything.  Eddy, the wolf, stepped forward, asking the question that was on his pack’s mind.

    “What did you do?  What does this mean?” His voice expressed panic and confusion.

    “I give you the chance to choose your fate … you can come with me to The Lands of Light to live, or if you so choose, go back to The Lands of Darkness,” Persephone said with a smile.

    “HA!  I’m in … The Lands of Darkness, SUCK!  Also, our boss is a major jerk!” Joe said in happiness.  The other wolves agreed with him.

    “Looks like you’ve been doing well for yourself, As.”  She looked at Asriel with a warm grin.  He was about to open his mouth to ask how she could be here, but Sans beat him to it.

    “Persephone, how are you here?  This is too much!  What just happened!?” Sans said in distress. Everyone was a bit thrown off by Sans’ demeanor.  He was usually the laid back, funny guy; but the world was ending, so anything was bound to happen.  She walked over to him and gave him a big hug, her wings glowed.  Sans begin to feel at ease and more like his old self.  All of the crazy events of the day didn’t seem to matter now.

    “Uncle Sans, I have to go back soon … I wish I could stay longer.  I know you are enraged about the things Asriel has done.  I ask from the bottom of my heart that you forgive him … he’s not who he once was.  All of the hate you feel for him, he feels for himself.  He is just as scared as you are.”  Persephone wrapped her wings around him and a golden light flashed.

    Sans eyes welled with tears.  For a moment, he could see life through the eyes of Asriel.  Sans saw … and FELT … everything he had ever experienced … he saw how Asriel’s sister, Chara, died a slow and painful death at the hands of poison … he felt his pain, fear and anger.  Sans saw it all … how Asriel died trying to carry out his sister’s last wish, and how he was brought back as Flowey.  Sans felt the mind numbing horror in which Asriel had been forced to live … he felt how Flowey had slowly lost his mind and had given up on being the good guy.  Even Sans, as mad as he was about the past, wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  Asriel’s life was hell, pure and simple.  Sans knew all too well what hell felt like … at least he had his brother.  In the end, Asriel had nothing.

    “Ok, Kiddo … I guess it would be the right thing to do, so making a left turn here would be a big no, no.  Haha!” he said with a big grin as they broke their embrace.

    Cassiel and Frisk ran to Persephone and hugged her hard.

    “SIS!!!” The three soul sisters cried out in tears.

    “Oh, you two!” Persephone laughed, shedding happy tears.

    “My child … how are you here?  Are you an angel now?”  Torial asked with a warm smile and wonder in her eyes.

    “Yes, Mama T, in a way I am … the White Lord made me a new soul and presented me with these wings.  He sent me here to tell you all how to heal the universe,” she said, as she picked four golden feathers out of her wing.  

    “Heal the universe?” Asriel asked in confusion.

    “Yes … Chara has destroyed the universe, but you … or should I say, the you from another time line, reset the world.  Your future self did so right as everything was ending, saving all.  But reality is now falling in on itself.  The universe can’t handle the strain.  Everything is being burnt away,” Persephone said grim-faced.  

    “How come I don’t remember any of this?  When I used to reset, I would always remember what had happened before.”  Asriel felt even more lost.

    Abruptly, a loud crash and gun shots exploded from behind them.  Everyone turned to behold a robot raptor and six hooded children fighting Chara … and not far behind them was Pastor Adin …
Undertale A Tale of Three Angels, Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Thirteen:  dragonblitzstudios.deviantart.…

Chapter Fifteen : Coming Soon

If you want to hear the song they sing in this chapter here's a link:…

Undertale and Stuff from that game is © to Toby Fox. Edema Ruh is © to Night Wish. Original story and other original content is © to Adam Hasty.  

Art by :iconshrineheart:

     Blitz here and our Official Web Comic Site is up and running! Come one, come all! This is a big jump for us here at DBS! I hope you enjoy the rest of the wild ride with us!


DragonBlitzStudios's Profile Picture
Adam"Blitz" Hasty
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
Hello All,
This is Adam “Blitz” Hasty, Founder and Creative Director of Dragon Blitz Studios. I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself. In one word I am a “GEEK” and proud of it. I love super heroes, comics, manga, anime, mythology, video games, books, martial arts and Kaijus (GODZILLA!!!) I love Japan-- I’m crazy about that place. I’ve never been, but I dream of going there one day.

I also have Bipolar Disorder. I received this diagnosis at age 19. No, I’m not crazy; just “slightly” challenged. You may not see it on the outside, but I’m no different than the physically disabled person you may pass by in a wheelchair.

My old dream was to become a comic/manga artist and make comics of my own, but my Mental Illness has continued to get in my way. So, I came up with another solution to live out my dream of making comics by founding Dragon Blitz Studios. I will live my dream through others, and I will direct the projects that you will see in the future. My favorite quote, “Dare to Keep All Your Dreams Alive,” comes from the song “DARE” from the first Transformers movie of 1986. I am all about dreams and I will fight for mine, because what is life without a dream? Nothing but a big waste of time.

Now, my dream is to become a great story teller like my idols Stan Lee, Hayao Miyazaki, Robert Kirkman, Rick Riordan, Steven Butler, Dennis O'neil, Neil Gaiman, and Nobuhiro Watsuki. I want to tell stories that move people; stories that will help people understand one another; and stories that make people see past things like hating someone because they are different. Bruce Lee said it best, “Under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family.”

Dragon Blitz Studios first comic, "Son of the Thunder God," is being created to help people to gain a better understanding of Mental Disorders...To say I’m no different than you... To say I’m not a monster; I’m a person and should be treated as such.

My second comic, "East and West," will be created to demonstrate the senselessness of racism. I have many more Stories to tell and I hope you enjoy the ride with us. If you would like to see more of our work check out the links below.


Official Web Comic Site:

Son of the Thunder God--- dragonblitzstudios.deviantart.…

East and West-- dragonblitzstudios.deviantart.…

Dagon Blitz Studio's facebook--…

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: :iconstop1plz:

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

All original characters, comics and other pictures posted are © Adam Hasty and Dragon Blitz Studios. TM and Copyright 2013. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Anyone who steals my work will be taken into legal action of infringement and the infringer will pay a fine for any damages

All the materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my FULL written permission.
All characters belong to me unless stated. In the case of fan works everything coming from the original game/comic/show/book is © to their owners.

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